Question computer audio hissing

Mar 30, 2019
my computer audio start hissing today i don't know why. if i disconnect the jack the hissing is gone but when i plug it again it started to hiss and if i disable the HD audio the hissing is still there is that a faulty sound card chip? i use VIA HD Audio
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When you "disconnect the jack" does that mean you are disconnecting the speaker or headphones from the PC?
If so then it tells you that the speakers/heaphones are not the problem. You can double check that by using it with your phone.
If you are using a powered speaker make sure that the speaker volume isn't turned way down so you have to turn the PC volume way up and vice versa.
You may have a hardware problem. If you are using motherboard audio then a soundcard or USB DAC or DAC/Headphone amp would bypass that.
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Mar 30, 2019
yep my headphone my speakers all have hissing if i use the mobo's audio port even in the front audio but you can hear small amount of clear low sound if i play music in max volume. yep thats what i think the onboard sound card is the problem. thank you.
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