Computer extremely slow (basically kaput) after forve shutdown


Dec 10, 2014
First of all im writing this at 2AM on my phone after scratching my head for hours (and I'm bad at English) so please pardon any mistakes.

Some information on my computer:
CPU: I7-6700HQ
RAM: 16GB 2600MHZ
STORAGE: 128GB NVME M.2 SSD (about 2000mb/s+, is the boot drive and has all my main software on it like ms office, steam, etc.) & 1TB HDD (had a few bigger programs like Adobe CC suite, 4 games, etc.)

So this is what I remember that happened. i was uninstalling Playnite, had Microsoft Visual Studio open, had a small download running and was browsing the web about something concerning the Visual Studio project.

Suddenly, my laptop (MSI GS60) starts acting weird. my clicks dont register on chrome, MVS goes unresponsive, the installer wont pop up when I click on it from taskbar.

Then (I dont really remember how) something leads me to rebooting and I think that it would be good so that it can close all the unresponsive programs anyways. I let the restart do its thing and force close mvs and some other stuff. I dont know how much time has passed but i get off my phpne and think to myself that the reboot circles have been turning for way too long. So I decide to force shutdown.

This is where the nightmare starts. First ill describe a normal boot.

First the msi logo shows up, after about 5 seconds or less, the tiny white boot circles start spinning. I let it go for a few more seconds then it goes on the loggon screen and i sign in. Almost instantly i can open any program. Wimdow boots as well as any other nvme ssd would allow it to.

Now however, the msi logo shows up but no dots appear for a long while. I initially thought they never would so i shut down my comouter many times, held the power button for 20secs and even used the reset button on the side. After letting more then a MINUTE (might be 2) pass while contemplating the issue,, the dots appear (this is consistent throughout future boots). After waiting about 15 MINUTES of the circles turning and a black screen for another minute, i get to the logon screen, which functions very smoothly. After entering my password, a black screen welcomes me once more and I have to wait a few minutes before the desktop shows up. And when it shows, its the background first, then some time latter the desktop shortcuts.

Some other important notes:

Both my drives are recognized by the BIOS precisely

I can enter the BIOS, bur its not instantly. i have to tap DELETE (my BIOS key) for close to 40 seconds before it pops up. But when it does, it functions well.

Resetting bios does nothing.

Resetting with button does nothing

Holding power 20secs without ac adapter dies nothing

When i do get into Windows, some apps are launched in the tab, but I cant open most. Settings opens fast, as well as some tabs like Bluetooth, but the STORAGE AND PROGRAMS tabs are blank when I try.

Windows Explorer only shows quick access and the index is loading SLOWLYYY SO SOOW I NEVER SEE IT END. But it came close.

No other program opens, even windows stuff comes up after a few mins

Task manager took about 3min. (But ctrl+alt+del was instant)

Also the icons of the shortcuts on my desktop dont work its just a white page.

5hrs later

I tried to repair the system (took about 40mins to start the repair). I eventually got the diagnosis of system with he dots. But even after I fell asleep and woke up it was just a black screen.

Now, I have a bootable usd key with windows 10 on it. Ill try to recover with it and if that doesn't work ill try to clean install windows on my ssd.

Although I tried it before I never got the chance to go to the wizard and shut down after 10min of waiting. Might go back to sleep and wait.

I will also rry booting without my hdd.

What i thunk about this:

-I dont think its my HDD, because last time it failed (like 3wks ago), windows would run just fine off the ssd and but would lag/crash when i do anything concerning the hdd/programs on it. Now ALL of the computer is just a pile of shit

-I dont think my SSD failed, because windows does eventually allow my to login, some vparts of windows work like the start menu, etc.

-i got a blue screen a few days ago but ignored it. So in addition to the hdd change, it makes me believe that something like my registry is beyond saving.

Do you have any other suggestions to save my case? Thanks!


Sounds like a drive failing to me, especially with all the shutdowns you did, sudden power loss is not good on the drives. I'd unplug the standard drive and see if a clean Windows setup on the SSD will help. Or better yet, get a larger SSD so you can install all your programs on it and install Windows on that. You can use another system to scan the second drive to check it.
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