Computer fell 2-3 feet, now won't turn on?

computer questions

Nov 18, 2014
Last night my computer fell off the table about 2 or 3 feet, landing kind of "tent style" because the lid was open. When I picked it up it seemed to have restarted but was otherwise ok. When I went to turn it on again this morning it booted up to the desktop, then turned off. I left it plugged in because I had seen that the battery was low because the av adapter was out. I left it plugged in for a while and tried turning it back on again, and it turned on for a few seconds befor turning off again. It didn't even get to the desktop. I wonder if anyone knows what might be causing this? I'm worried that I'll have to replace the computer and I can't really afford to at this point in time. It's a year old Toshiba Satellite L55t-A290


computer questions

Nov 18, 2014
I turn it on and then it shows me the Toshiba logo and it stays there for about 1 to 2 seconds before turning off again. The lights that are on are the lights that show that it is plugged in and then when I try to turn it on, the power light and the Wi-Fi light. It seems like everything is getting power so I'm not sure why keeps turning off. I'm not sure what that would be? Maybe a loose wire?


Sep 16, 2010

You may need some one with experience in laptops to help disassemble parts to see what damage has occurred.

You can do some simple tests first

Remove battery and mains
Remove hard drive and test in a usb to sata bridge tray adapter or in a desktop PC

Western Digital data life guard for Windows will work on most makes of hard disk to see if hard drive has physical damage preventing booting up

Look at battery and connection to motherboard to check pins not bent
Is case or screen cracked?

Look at memory card slots to ensure memory has not come loose

Will it boot up to message no boot device found when hard disk is removed ?
Will it boot up off bootable cd or DVD or USB disk?

Mike Barnes



Mar 10, 2010
Definitely sounds like its failing its hardware validation. Probably knocked something loose if nothing appear broken. Follow the steps mbarnes said. It sounds like it should be fixable based on your results. Hopefully you have a tech friend that can tear it apart for you. Places like Best Buy charge a bunch for this type of thing. Although you may get a free diagnostic if your a silver elite member already.

Tainted KFC

Jan 26, 2014
I've dropped my Acer Aspire craptop and spilt water on it twice, and hot milo, and that bad boy keeps hammering through. One thing I did have to do though, was replace the ram and the tiny graphics card. That could be your problem?
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