Computer with broken screen won't connect to external monitor


Dec 28, 2014
Hello all

I have an older computer with a screen that broke a few months back - I know it's the screen because when I try to turn it on, instead of powering on, it just beeps at me 8 times. So I bought a new computer and have been pulling all my old files off the old computer via an external monitor.

However, the old computer is having trouble with any kind of external output. My power cord gets power when I plug it in (it lights up on the end) but my computer's power light doesn't turn on when the power cord is plugged into the computer, so I have no idea if it's actually getting the power. And I have the external monitor plugged in via HDMI, but instead of accepting it, it now just chrips at me the 8 times over and over to let me know the LCD is busted.

I don't want to pay to replace this thing since I was planning on retiring it after this anyway - I just had some bits of data I wanted to get off it first and I'm just looking to find out why it's no longer accepting external inputs like power and the external monitor.

Any help in this would be greatly appreciated.