Computer wont turn on.


May 1, 2016
I've tried everything I've found on this site, but am still having problems.

First off, one of the back hinges on my laptop is broken. This exposes wires and such, for if you close the laptop without being careful, the entire screen splits open. I'm unsure if this is the cause of my problems or not.

Anyhow, upon moving my laptop at the wrong angle, the screen went black, and the whole thing shut down. If you click the power button, the blue light that normally stays lit to show that the laptop is on will flash on, as if it is trying to turn on, then quickly fade back out. A very faint whirling sound accompanies it, starting and ceasing, as if the computer failed to start.

If I plug it in, the charger light lights up and stays on. However, as soon as I click the power button, the process above repeats itself, and both lights go out. Trying to click the power button results in neither light flashing, and remains this way until the charger is removed. Once the charger is removed, the ability to try and power it back on returns, though continues to fail.

I'm not sure what type of Acer computer it is, (back sticker says E5 series if that helps) but the battery is built into the computer, and thus it is impossible to remove the battery.

I have tried to use the battery restart button, but it doesn't seem to help with anything.
I use my computer often, and could use any help as soon as possible.


Apr 20, 2016
since ur hinges are broken, when u moved it at a wrong angle, it might have snapped the connection wires from monitor to the main unit...hence no dispplay...
the blue light fades out bcoz the system fails to initiate...the whirling sound also denotes the same...ur machine is trying to start but its not able to...
thr must be some physical damage to d computer...
stop using it and get it to the service centre...u might end up damaging more...