Solved! Connect Bookshelf Speakers to Sub

Nov 26, 2018
I currently have Edifier s2000 Pros I use as my desk speakers. Recently, I came across an F12 BIC subwoofer. Is there any way I can connect the two? Ideally I wouldn't want to use a stereo to connect them but it is looking like that is the only solution.


yes, unfortunately you are going to have to split your input signal to both the speakers and the sub and you are going to have to "mix" the L+R to make a mono channel for the sub - quick and dirty way would be to get a mixer like the Behringer Micromix MX400 (where one channel is L input and the second is R input, and the output goes to the "sub in").

You can also BYO a mixer if you have a bunch of junk laying around.
There would be no purpose in using a stereo since both the satellites and sub are self powered.
If you are using a desktop with a subwoofer output then you just need to connect that to the sub. That would be an orange 3.5mm jack that also has a center channel output. You would need a breakout cable with 3.5mm stereo plug at the PC end and two RCA plugs at the subwoofer end. You would only use one of these.
If you don't have a sub output on the computer then the advise above is correct. You would split the audio output so you could connect both the Edifiers and the sub to the same stereo outputs. Mixing the stereo to mono would be best
Since your sub only has one input you could just connect either the left or right to it. It's very likely that you won't notice the difference if you mix the input to mono. Most bass is in mono anyway.


Dec 24, 2011
well actually that sub has pretty much same inputs/outpust as any other active hifi subs out there, can be connected as two channel 2.1 stereo or sub only (single sub out channel)

stereo way:
from pc use green colored plug for front speakers and connect it with your sub "from receiver" plugs, then plug your speakers with your sub ("to speakers plugs")
that will play any low frequencies on your sub and anything higher than crossover gets passed to your speakers, thats stereo 2.1

sub out way:
from PC use orange colored plug and use R channel only and connect it with your sub, use "sub in" plug there
this channel will play only when u use dolby/dts/5.1+ audio, and natively it will not play your MP3 music, because thats stereo, and to have stereo upmixed to other channels aswell, u will need mixer for it, some soundcards can do 6 channel stereo, some cant
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