Connect Laptop to Monitor (later - TV) and Home Theater System?


Feb 9, 2014

Can someone please tell me how to connect my laptop and monitor to a 5.1 channel home theatre system? I want to get Full HD video through the monitor and surround sound through the speakers?
Do I need a home theater system with HDMI input?

I'm thinking about getting a TV to replace the monitor soon, but the home theatre will stay the same. What do I do then?

Laptop - 1 X Mini HDMI, 1 X Headphone Out.
Monitor - 1 X DVI-D, 1 X HDMI, 1 X Headphone Out
TV - thinking of buying a Sony Bravia KDL46R473 - 2 X HDMI (1 X ARG Compatible)... the rest are listed here
Home theatre - thinking of buying a Sony BDV-E2100 (no HDMI input!)

is this the same BDVE2100 listed on the walmart site?

it lists hdmi input and spdif optical input.

if it had hdmi input it would be easy hdmi to hdmi providing it supported 5.1 from hdmi. some htib (home theater in a box) solutions dont!!!

how many input devices will you be having? if its more than just 1 or two you may very well be better off getting a dedicated receiver like the one sony makes which often goes on sale for $200 then pairing it with an energy take 5.1 system. of course depending on your room size.

i dont care for htib sets as they often are quite limiting in terms of what you can connect to them.

i personally run a receiver and a klipsch set (though its above your budget). my parents personally use the sony receiver i mentioned with two sony floorstanders ($100 for a PAIR !!) and its room shaking sound (18x15 at least) with their laptop for netflix. you have quite a few options