connecting a 5+1 surround speaker system to a pioneer #sx-2300 stereo receiver 2channel/4speaker output


Nov 30, 2015
i have 5-6ohm speakers & 1-6ohm subwoofer speaker surround system to connect to my old pioneer #SX-2300 stereo receiver home system. the back of the receiver, speaker outles are 2-up, (L&R), & 2-below, (L&R), it shows surround on bottom 2-speakers, 1-(L) & 1-(R), each to the far outsides. this also has a 2 channel speaker button in the front. how do i connect the 5-speakers & the 1-subwoofer speakers up. i know about surround sound systems speakers layout, 1-L & 1-R,in rear, & 1-L & 1-C &1-R, in front, subwoofer in front right area. HELP PLEASE.
That receiver is really stereo with the option of deriving primitive matrix surround sound from the front two channels. It can give you analog rear surrounds but has not provision for center or subwoofer connections. Assuming that the sub you have is passive you could add an amp to it and connect it in parallel to the front speakers with a speaker to line level adapter but no way to do a center. A real surround sound receiver will power LR front and rear plus center but will not have an amp for the sub. Only HTiB systems save money by placing the sub amp in the main unit.
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