Connecting a A/V receiver to another as a pre amp.


Aug 24, 2016
I have an early 2000 Pioneer Elite A/V receiver (#1). I do not have enough inputs for all my equipment. I just picked up another Elite receiver (#2) with Pre Amp Outs. I hooked it up tonight and I get sound but no video. I connected RCA cables from VCR2 out on #2 to VCR2 In on #1.

Now, receiver #2 amps are shot. I did try hooking up a speaker to it and there is definitely a short.. I immediately disconnected it. I did open it up, and by using the schematics removed 3 of the 4 fuses. From what I understand they are to the amps. The front panel and everything still seems to work. Just wondering if the video is connected to one. Just wanted to have all the info out there.

I appreciate any advice. Thanks.
So you have a receiver that's half broken and you are asking us why video doesn't work? There is no engineering rule that says if amplifier stage broke, it should not affect video section. Broke is broke, can happen anywhere.
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