Connecting a powered sub to my turntable setup

Mar 25, 2018
Hi, I was wondering if anyone could tell me if this turntable setup would work.

I have a pre-existing powered speaker (edifier r1700bt) that Im currently using for my audio technica LP-60 turntable. I'm now planning to add a powered subwoofer (probably the audioengine s8) and to connect it to the source along with the edifier I thought I'd purchase a yamaha WXC50 pre-amp which has an RCA out for the edifier and a sub out. It also has a bluetooth functionality which i thought could be useful for connecting the sub and the speaker to other devices.

yamaha WXC50:

Would this setup work? The yamaha only says input, not phono input- does this matter?
Also is there a better way to connect both the sub and the speakers to the turntable where i can control both their volume at the same time and maybe have bluetooth functionality?

thank you

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