Solved! Connecting Dish receiver, DVD player, and soundbar

Dec 15, 2019
Need help getting components to talk to each other! My equipment:
Cheap, Magnavox DVD player DP100MW8B (has S video and regular component plugs)
TV, Sansui HDLCD4050B
Soundbar, Insignia 2.0 NS-HMSB20
Dish receiver VIP222K

I'm having trouble getting all of these to talk to each other. Right now TV is connected to receiver via HDMI. I have soundbar connected to receiver but the DVD player won't play on TV unless it is connected directly to the TV which negates the use of the soundbar. I want to run the DVD player with receiver remote (already programmed) but can't get DVD player and soundbar to work together. Ultimately, want to run ALL sound through soundbar and obviously watch movies. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
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