connecting HDMI arc or optical output from TV to receiver and speakers with RCA output trouble

Jul 1, 2018
Hi all!

I was given a pair of shelf speakers ( Micca PB42x ) that I want to connect to my TV ( LG model: 55LN5600 ) via my receiver (Harman / Kardon AVR 700). The speakers have an RCA input so this is what I have tried:

Use optical cable from TV to Optical 2 on receiver, then put the source of the receiver to video 2-o2 then plug in RCA wires from speakers (which are in series) to receiver video 2 out. I can't seem to get any sound.

Can someone give me advice on how to make these 3 devices work together, or let me know if it is just not possible?

Any help would be much appreciated


1. I tried to search for a similar problem first and didn't see it so I'm very sorry if this has been answered before
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