Connecting my soundbar to my PC

Nov 23, 2018
I want to connect my sony ht-sf150 soundbar to my PC.The only options the soundbar offers me are HDMI ARC and an optical cable.My problem is that my PC does not have a hdmi input slot.I do not know if my motherboard has an optical ouput(gigabyte h87-hd3).Also would it work if i connected the soundbar to my monitor with a hdmi 1.4 cable?How do i go about this?
I am quite amateur at this so help would be greatly appreciated
So if u have no HDMI on the PC, how are u displaying to the monitor which according to you does have an HDMI port?

U don't know if your mobo has optical, consult the manual I guess, or simply go GOOGLE TOSLINK IMAGES and it will show you what an optical port looks like.
Nov 23, 2018

I checked my motherboard and it doesnt have a toslink slot.As for hdmi maybe i didnt express the problem correctly.My pc has only hdmi output slots.I cant connect output(pc) to arc output(soundbar)

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