Question Continuous beep noise comes from headset.

Jan 9, 2020
I just got a new Razer Karken headset and also got a USB adaptor to it. From 2 jacks, 1 for mic, 1 for headphones connecting to the USB adaptor that connects to the back of my PC.
Problem is i keep on hearing this continuous beep or buzz sound... it's annoying. I can confirm it's not the mic because i disconnected it and the sound is still there. I tried looking for updates to my audio drivers and none...
What could be the problem?
Is it the adaptor? can i fix it without going to the store again?
Fast answers are welcomed!
Thanks for answering

Edit: The sound is definitely coming from the headphones. Even if i choose a different audio device i can still hear the buzzing / beeping sound from it.
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