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Converter: Samsung Plamsa F5500 TV to 5.1 audio, also Philips DVD player to same 5.1


Aug 25, 2015
Hello All,

Below is my requirement.

I want to
1. Get audio Output from TV to 5.1 speakers
2. Get video\audio output from DVD player to TV\5.1 speakers.

TV ports are

DVD players ports are

5.1 ports are

Could anyone suggest me the best solution of adapter/converters/cables i need to buy to satisfy this requirement. Thanks!
Something like this:
- TV optical out to SPDIF In1 on the converter
- DVD coax audio out to COAX In on the converter
- six coax cables from converter out to receiver in

If I was you, I would look for new receiver, this way you can plug your cable box into it as well, and use the TV as monitor only
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