Question Cordless mice crash laptop

Nov 22, 2019
I have an ASUS Zenbook Flip 14. During the day at work, I use a cordless mouse (usb plug). At least once a day, when I wake it up from sleep (I do this very frequently because I have to leave my desk a lot), it will hang. When I press a key or click the mouse to wake it, it hangs on a blank blue screen. You can move the mouse pointer, but that's it. I have to shut it down with the power button and restart it.

I know it's the mouse because when I am at home, I use a corded mouse through a USB port and it never happens. I tried using the cordless mouse at home, and the problem occurred. It's a Tecknet M002 mouse, but I was using a different mouse for a few days and it also happened. I tried updating the driver in device manager and it can't find a newer one. I downloaded the "generic five button mouse software" that tecknet has as the driver for the mouse, and that totally effed up my laptop and I couldn't even boot right, I had to boot into safe mode to uninstall it.

I tried a different mouse for a couple of days and had the same issue. I used this mouse with my previous laptop (HP Spectre X360) with no issues.

Does anyone have any idea on how to fix this? Thanks in advance.

Saga Lout

Olde English
Go back to Device Manager and click on the Properties tab in the mouse section. You should see a ticked box named "Allow this device to be turned off to save power" or similar.

Untick that and OK your way out and after a restart, the problem should be solved.

Saga Lout

Olde English
Now that is odd. I'm on my Linux box at the moment but if I remember rightly, Windows gives you the option to uninstall a part and that's in Device Manager, I think.

Try that and restart the machine after disconnecting the mouse and see what happens when you use only the trackpad. It won't fix the problem but it might point to the action that can do it.

Saga Lout

Olde English
Perhaps an old mouse in a drawer under the PC and is still switched on. It's a long shot but I can't think of anything better unless your mouse has failed Do you have any wireless gadgets near the mouse?.
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