Correct laptop specs


Jan 9, 2013
So to keep this short and sweet, I'm taking an IT class at a tech school. For our next course that we start in a few weeks our teacher recommended that we upgrade the ram in our laptops because it's working with virtual machines and 8gigs often won't be enough. This is where almost everyone in class is running into an issue, the laptops given to us is the HP ProBook 450 G3 product number W0S82UT#ABA. On HPs support site every 450 G3 ProBook is for an older model using DDR3 memory. We know for a fact that this model uses DDR4 through CPU-Z. The issue were running into is we can't find the max amount of ram the laptop can handle or the max speed it can handle. I need to know each of these so we can get the right type of ram. Also if you can find DDR4 with the lowest CS Latency in 2x8 kits in the $80 range that would be appreciated.


Oct 8, 2015
looks like it can take 2 dimms of memory. take the bottom access part off and look to see what's already in there. it will be written on the sticker on the ram. most likely you're looking at it having one (8GB) dimm of ram out of the box and another slot to add one more dimm


May 17, 2012
Just look for a well branded ram brand. Most laptops BIOS won't allow modify RAM speed and timings. Just go for a 16GB ram kit 2133MHz. (or a 8GB if you already have one of them installed).

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