Correct wiring for connecting all devices to one remote


Dec 2, 2015
I have a Samsung TV. I have a blue ray player. I have a sound bar. I want them all to be controlled by my S10-S4 at&t remote.
The instructions for doing this all say 'press enter and the mode button (Aux for the soundbar) at the same time for one second and all the mode buttons should light up red. THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN.
So... I'm thinking I may not have things wired correctly. I have an optical wire but I don't know if it should go from soundbar to TV or soundbar to Uverse box. Do I have to have any other wires hooking up these devices to each other? And if so, what? I get confused with the HDMI and all of that.
thank you
The connection between the components has nothing to do with the remote control.
You are just trying to get the remote to output the IR remote codes for each device by entering a number that represents the codes already in the remotes database. If the correct codes are in that database then you need to access them.
Sounds like the remote itself will not go into the correct mode to select the codes to operate your components. Try removing the batteries for a few minutes and put them in again to reboot the remote. If that doesn't work get a replacement remote.