Could my HP Laptop be a lemon at 3 Days of age?


Apr 17, 2015
Hardware: I bought an HP Envy M17 three days ago. I had an older HP model that lasted 6 years so I wanted to upgrade it to basically play an online game (SL) on it. And have more storage.

1. I noticed that on right hand side it had the Build Watermark which once restarted was fixed.
2. I noticed a soft but definite sound from the right hand side. While barely noticeable to anyone else it is to me.
3. Though personally I do not mind, the touch screen keeps acting as though I am touching it but unless a ghost is, no one is. I disabled it but then, if that has issues what else can.
4. I notice that it gets slightly hot during games (60 to 70 degrees). Idle or just one internet browser and it is around 43 degrees. Right now, just being in the internet it is 40 however three minutes ago 60. (Using Core temp).
5. Windows 8.1 seems to be fuzzy but I googled that and in theory HD Windows 8.1 has issues however after all of the above, maybe I can have a bit of paranoia.
6. A few hours ago it wouldn't let me get the charms, I had to restart the computer to get them to work.
7. When it starts up for a second it has a black screen, and then it goes to it's regular sign-on screen. Just a second, but considering that I am finding small things that I do not recall having with my older laptop... not sure if it's me going nuts or what.

So I'm basically fearing that there might be an issue, and since I have a very short window of returning it to Best Buy where I got it. I just fear that it might break on me right after that window and it as the most expensive laptop I've ever paid for.

Would you say that my paranoia is right or wrong? Maybe just me being overtly fearful.

Exact Model: hp envy m7-k211 dx


May 26, 2010

The short answer is, if you aren't happy with it, return it while it is under warranty.


Mar 8, 2011
Hi OrigamiPapier,

Actually you have two choices:
1. Return the unit to Best Buy as eluded to by Coastie65
2. Contact HP Tech support 800474 6836 to exercise your manufacture warranty. Phone diagnostics will be done to determine
extent of issues.
The choice is yours.


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