Solved! Couple questions I have about HDTVs n HTPCs


May 7, 2009
What's the difference between the picture on a HD capable monitor and a HDTV? I have a 1680x1050 monitor and it's great everything is sharp but the picture doesn't really "pop out" at me when watching shows. If I get a HDTV LCD will it be different? Do they have some sort of lighting in the back that makes them better or something?

I'm looking to buy a HDTV, I have 700$ to spend and I'll be using it with my PC mostly, I want to connect my PC to it and watch videos from there. I'm wondering if I'd be able to use a 30 foot HDMI-HDMI cable without degrading the audio or video quality? Because I would like to keep my PC in one room and run the cable to my bedroom for the HDTV.

Also about connecting my PC to my HDTV: If I set the resolution to 720P and play a 720P video file, would it look better on the HDTV as opposed to using 1080P resolution and playing the 720P file? Kinda confusing question...

I also have alot of SD content on my computer and DVDs, is there any DVD upscaling software / player software that can upscale my SD content? I think my graphics card has PureVideo from Nvidia is that good?

Anyway can you guys reccomend me a good HDTV in my pricerange? Here's a couple of specifications I'd like:
.Glossy Screen
.32" or higher (It's in my bedroom, and I'll most likely be viewing it from 5-7 feet)
.1:1 pixel mapping (not sure if this is needed or not, some said it is for connecting computer to HDTV but my GFX card (gtx 260) has overscan compensation I think.



Jun 3, 2010
HDTV vs. Monitor - Newer monitors have double the resolution of HDTV's and a higher refresh rate. You can buy cables that long. See here:

No, You will want to watch everything at 1920x1080, even a 720p signal doubled(upconverted) is better.

Your computer will play whatever your media is, at the resolution your computer is set to. A small size video at 1080p looks like crap.(grainy) those you will watch in a small window. I'm an ATI person so no idea about Pure video.

Need your price range?
Look here for some TV's :
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