Question Crackling coming out of stereo speaker tweeter

Jun 16, 2020
I have a 2 channel system with 3 way speakers and a 2 channel integrated amp. Randomly, the right speaker will go in and out while crackling. I tried changing the channels - i.e. right to left and vice versa - and the problem will move. I tried changing the speaker wire and interconnects. Problem still exists. I tried changing sources (tv -> laptop music), problem still exists. The crackling is only in the tweeter. The other 2 speakers within the speaker cabinet are not affected at all. This is the case when I switch channels as well. If I turn on/off the amp, the problem will go away for a while but then it returns. Some days, the problem isn't an issue at all. Other days, the problem is more pronounced. I tried jiggling all the cabling and I cannot reproduce the sound. Pretty mysterious... thoughts? Seems to be some issue with the amp but I cannot figure out what it could be. When there is no crackling, there is no issue whatsoever.... no hum, crackle, distortion, etc.

Wells Audio Majestic Amp
Salk Song 3 speakers
Blue jeans speaker cable/interconnects

Sonic Illusions

Feb 16, 2019
SWEET INTEGRATED AMP! So when you experimented, you determined the sound was coming from the tweeter of only ONE speaker. Is that correct? Have you connected the speakers to another amp? If the tweeter is at fault, Salk used more than one tweeter in the Song 3s. You must replace with an identical tweeter, otherwise the response will be off. This is because you need to match the spec's exactly. If just one is off (Re, sensitivity, freq range, etc...) that will be an issue. The built-in crossover is designed to work with that tweeter and rolls off to the mid-range, which is a critical crossover point. If the tweeter is at fault, maybe the mfr offers a replacement diaphragm kit. There may also be ferro-fluid, if used.
Jun 16, 2020
Haha thanks, other than this issue I have been very pleased with it! Yes exactly. What I mean is the ribbon tweeter at the top. That is what I figured... the odd thing which makes me think it is not a speaker problem is the left speaker will have the exact same problem if I reverse the output but the problem with the right will resolve. I think I have an amp in storage. I will try this week. I am hoping it is the amp so I can just mail it to Jeff for repair. Seems a lot easier... we'll see thanks for the response!
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