Crackling noise with headphones

Dec 17, 2018

As some will surely point out, I have done some research and tried a few things before posting this comment.

Here is my equipment :
Asus Scar II Laptop,
- i7 8750H
- Gtx 1070
- 16GB @ 2666 Ram

Issue :
No matter what I seem to do, I get annoying constant crackling noises with my headphones. Noticeable even when watching a video or movies.

I tested with two pairs of headphones to try it out and make sure its not my Audio Technica headphones so I tested regular low budget Sony headphones.

Installed and updated Windows and all drivers.
Tried to manually install Realtek High Definition audio drivers from their official website, turned off Windows quick restart option as this seemed to affect some, tried to play with many sound options and quality, turned off/on mic-in, wireless adapter, Bluetooth adapter etc.

I`m out of Idea and I took me a month and a half to receive this 2600$ cnd laptop... I'm mad.

Could anyone help me fix this ?
Thank you!
Crackling/static sounds when using headphones are usually caused by a loose connection somewhere in the analog audio connector chain. Since you've tried two different headphones, that limits the problem to the laptop. If you're handy with a soldering iron, you can try re-soldering the headphone port to the motherboard. But it could just as well be a problem on the motherboard between the audio DAC and headphone port. Usually it's easiest to deal with this sort of thing with a return and exchange.
Dec 17, 2018

Actually I tested with more headsets and headphones.
I seems that some headphones work fine. But all 3 wires of my Audio Technica are plated gold and I get very intense crackling with all 3 of them as with the cheapest headphones I can't notice any and some less loud crackling with some mid-range Sony when I up the volume a little bit more.

When I disable Realtek High Definition audio in the Device manager the crackling stop (of course) as the computer isn't sending sound to the headphone anymore. But I wanted to test if it was due to other components interference on the laptop.

At this point, I would be so annoying to go through the exchange program and spend 1 1/2 hours on foot to ship this back that I might just get some decent Bluetooth headphones instead. Even if the sound quality must be just average.

Doing research, it seems that lately many people have this same issue and could be a driver issue as well.
I've tried using older Realtek drivers, removing Asus Sonic Audio, Re-installing Realtek audio. That did not work.
The laptop speakers have no issues.
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