Crazy microphone echo on windows 10

Oct 20, 2018
My mics used to work fine on windows 10, i recently did a reinstall of windows 10, and ever since than all 3 of my mics have a crazy echo/alien sound that increasingly gets louder and louder. All of my mics are now basically unusable, I have tried installing new realtek drivers, tried with microsoft generic drivers, NONE of my mics work. Tried in my IO port and my front panel port too, tried XLR mic, and USB mic, none of them work. The echo is so bad it almost instantly gets to a decibel level that is painful to the ears. Im not sure what else to try at this point besides giving up on ever using a microphone on my pc.


Oct 8, 2016
You've got a feedback loop somewhere. The mic is picking up the sound from the speakers, which then gets amplified and sent to the speakers and then the mic picks up the sound from the speakers which then gets amplified and...... you get the idea. It just goes round and round - getting louder and louder. And it's dangerous for your gear, and your ears.

Check you don't have the microphone set too high in the recording tabs in settings
Oct 20, 2018

any volume i set it at, it happens, even if i set it so quiet it cant hear anything i say, And the echo happens literally the instant the mic is recording even if nothing is playing on speakers, And it happens no matter how far away from the pc i take the mic, so it cant be my fan sound. I honestly dont know what is causing this or how to fix it and its very frustrating, ive tried everything i know to do, and nothing work.s
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