Creative Fatal1ty microphone problem.


Jul 25, 2009
Hey guys. I have had a creative fatal1ty headset since last october and its been amazing. Recently the microphone has stopped working and i dont know why.

I have:

checked its not muted
checked volume is up
checked its the selected input device
tested on a different computer (it doesnt work)
tested a different headset on this computer (it DOES work)

I have guessed at:

Damaged mic (even though i take care of it)
lose connection between jack and wire.

Please help me out here because I really need the headset for gaming and keeping in touch with friends and family.



i know what you u mean, ive got the same headset. after alot of fiddling i managed to get the comp to register im saying something but it wont playback (godamn it) but then after a little investigation (my friend has the same headset too) that there is a factory fault with some of the sets. so if its still in warranty send it back if not look for some thing logitech ;)