Creative Sound Blaster EVO ZxR vs Astro A40?


Jun 24, 2014
They are very similar in quality all though the astro a40 is louder and slightly more powerful the sound blaster evo zxr is more portable and still very exceptional for gaming all though it has an 8 hour battery life. So the astro a40 is a better at home surround headset and mic with slightly louder sound than the evo zxr it lacks portability and versatility it is simply an outstanding at home surround sound gaming headset. The sound blaster evo is great every where you go providing outstanding sound but is limited to its 8 hour battery life. So if you have ear buds and just want a home gaming headset the astro a40 audio system is they way to go but if you plan on bringing it places the creative sound blaster evo zxr is the choice for you!