Creative Sound Blaster X7 Limited Edition and E-MU XM7 Bookshelf Speakers


Jul 29, 2016

I just bought the X7 Sound Blaster and XM7 bookshelf speaker combo and for 500€ I expect something "nice". So far the X7 has proofed to be a great device and I quite like it with my Sennheiser PC 363D.

But the XM7 speakers are not that great. There are somewhat clear but not crystal clear and the base is totally lacking. I don't really get it, since every review I found stated that they have good base for that size and have crystal clear sound.

First: Do you have any suggestions what settings I can check to ensure everything is correctly configured in the Creative Software?

Second: I am considering to use the old subwoofer of my Logitech Z523 system with these speakers, since I can hook up a c/sub on the X7. Maybe I am just an ignorant music person and need more base ;).
So like in this PDF described ( under section 6 I tried to hook the subwoofer up with a RCA to 3.5mm cable and plugged the red RCA cable into the back of the subwoofer in the red "auxiliary input" and the 3.5mm end in the back if the X7 Unit. But Nothing happened. I already contacted creative regarding this and the asked me to ensure that the Z523 Subwoofer can function on its own. How do I ensure this?

(Back of the Z523 subwoofer)

Hopefully you can give me some advice since I don’t want to ship it back (I have to pay for the expense myself :()


First thing, how you hear the speakers is not how the reviewers would hear them. You may just not like how those speakers sound. Did you try them with a real stereo to see if the issue is the computer audio you are using?

Second part, don't know if you can run that sub on it's own, it does have a cross-over for the speakers connected to it, but don't know if it can just be a stand-alone sub.
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