Creative Zen Vista Compatability Problem


Sep 14, 2008
I have been looking around and have not been able to find an answer to my problem.

Here is whats happening, I got my zen v plus a while ago when I was still useing windows xp, and it worked perfectly with no problems. I upgraded to vista and now it wont stay connected to vista for more than 5 minutes...

It will connect, with everything including windows media player and creative media source, and device manager thinking its there. After a few minutes it will make the sound that something has been disconnected.

then it will make the device connected sound, and instantly make the disconnected sound... and will continue to do that until i physically disconnect it.

I check out the device manager and it shows the creative zen with the yellow exclamation mark next to it, with the error (code 10). I have tried uninstalling it from device manager and letting it reinstall but it still has the error.

I have tried creative support, but I am unable to change permission for my usb, it says I dont have access or something, I am the administrator...

did that make any sense? anyone that can help me out?

i am using windows vista 64bit with sp1

EDIT: I have taken control of the usb registry and have given it the correct permission, yet it still does not stay connected...


I found that the problem with my Zen player and windows was not the operating system but rather what version of Windows Media Player I had installed. Vista comes with WMP Version 11. For some reason there is a problem with WMP v.11 and the Zen player. I remember reading it on another article.

So I uninstalled WMP and the uninstall allowed me to roll back to a previous version which was v10. After v10 was installed my Zen player no longer had problems getting connected or being recognized. There may be other reasons for this issue but I've found that this fix takes care of most of them.
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