DC jack inside piece broken off. Is it ok to use?

miss mouth

Feb 19, 2010
This is probably more about electrical than general computer stuff, but I was wondering about the DC jack. There is a cylindrical plastic cover piece that covers the center contacts inside the DC jack that got broken off. The AC adapter still works fine, and there don't seem to be any issues with charging/power, however I was wondering if it was not a good idea to continue to use it like that. I mean, is there any kind of safety issue or anything with using the power cord and the DC jack without that center plastic peice??
I am really quite lame with anything having to do with electricity issues, so I was hoping someone here could tell me.


If this is the jack plug on the end of the wire from the power supply cube then it will probably be one of a few standard types. Take the Power Supply to a good electrical hobby shop (Radio Shack in US, Maplins in UK) and find that plug. Get a friend who can solder to fit it (making sure that polarity is observed).

You'll probably get away with using the broken plug but there's a danger it may short-circuit the Power Supply -- which may cost a bit to replace.