Dedicated Gpu keeps Freezing when on any load.

Jul 20, 2018
Hey guys. Pls can anyone provide a solution as to why my gpu freezes anytime its being used. Iv been using my lenovo y510p since 2014. Graphics is a gt 755m, cpu is intel core i7 4700mq. Just few months back it started this issue. Iv tried everything buh nothing has worked. I cant even boot the laptop with d nvidia drivers installed again cuz after few seconds the screen freezes. I had to result to turning all dedicated graphics function from d bios. Few months back when i had the sli setup( dual gt 755m), i ran a benchmark tool to monitor the temps. I realised that one of the gpus temp was gradually increasing while the other rapidly increased until it crashed. Pls does it mean its temperature ish? I dont want to start thinking my gpu is dead. Pls can someone help me?
Jul 20, 2018

hmmm, ill check this out.
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