Dedicated Laptop GPU - GTX 660M Issues


May 26, 2012
My laptop is a refurbished ASUS G46VW. It was supposed to have installed a dedicated Nvidia GTX 660M graphics card, in addition to the integrated Intel HD 4000. While the laptop recognizes that such a video card is installed, if I try to set the Nvidia as the default graphics card, games that I try to play will consistently run into issues. I have tried reinstalling and updating the drivers for the card. When I set the integrated card as the default, and did not run into any crashing issues. I have a feeling that the Nvidia Geforce is either malfunctioning or was installed improperly.

The more severe issues occurred in games such as Dishonored and Bioshock. Occasionally I would get visual artifacts. In the most severe cases, my computer would blue screen with "DPC_WATCHDOG" error and crash.

The laptop is about 2 years old, refurbished. I have not attempted any overclocking. In the past, I have attempted a couple system repairs upon boot-up. They only helped mariginally, and not for long. Additionally, I had consulted a technician briefly who instructed me to perform a memory test on the laptop, which came up clean.

I am running on 64-bit Windows 8.

I would like to know if there might be any solutions to my issue without cracking into my laptop, because I am uncomfortable with laptop anatomy. However, if necessary, and with proper instruction, I would be willing to do so.

I hope this is enough information to be diagnosed. Please let me know if there is any more information that would be helpful, so I may provide it.

Thank you


Laptop: ASUS G46VW
Vendor: Republic of Gamers

Integrated GPU: Intel HD 4000
Dedicated GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660M
OS: Windows 8 (64-Bit)



Did you install the drivers from NVidia or the laptop vendor? If from NVidia, remove those drivers and install the ones from the laptop vendor support site.

If games are crashing when using the NVidia card, that may be the reason the system was a refurb in the first place, someone returned it because it was crashing, they did a quick test that may not have come up with anything and put it up for sale.


May 26, 2012
Thanks for your reply. I did grab the drivers from Nvidia, but Republic of Gamers(the laptop vendor) does not seem to have a store of the graphics card drivers. They list other drivers, I'm assuming for their newer models, but not for my laptop.
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