Dell 3007wpf and external PCI express


May 31, 2016
I have a 30” dell 3007wpf monitors and i have an asus x75a laptop, i was not getting a higher resolution through my laptop hdmi (laptop resolution 1600 x 1200) for some reason I was getting only 1280 x 800. I bought an external PCI express and put a nvidia nvs 315 to bypass the laptop graphics card but I am still getting 1280 x 800. I checked nvidia control panel and I show that the dell monitor connector is DVI but the video signal is Analog VGA. Does anybody have an idea why nvidia is not recognizing the digital signal?


May 31, 2016
Yes, but It shows 1280 x 800 (recommended) despite nvidia documentation for nvs 315 graphic card stating 1920 x 1200 for dvi-i and 2048 x 1536 for vga resolution.

Im Spartacus

Mar 25, 2015

Have you clicked detect and Identify if that don't work

If you right click on the desktop to open nvidia control panel and you get the same then click on customise and click on 8 and 16 bit resolution do you see a different list of option I'm going by my settings yours maybe different.
I'm off to work shortly so I won't be able to reply for a long while, So someone else could advise

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