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  1. ArmanAsgharpoor

    Solved! GT73EVR Second PCIE

    Hi all, I have a GT73EVR, and I want to add the second nvme SSD, but it seems that the second PCIe connector has not been soldered on the motherboard. As far as I know, GT73 EVR and GT73 VR have the same motherboard, but GT73evr has one PCI-E slot, and GT73VR has two. As you can see, the...
  2. packersfan036

    m.2 ssd install question

    should I unhook the battery first before installing a m.2 pci-e ssd drive into my Lenovo gaming laptop? or just install it?
  3. H

    Solved! pci-e slot covered by graphics card

    Hello my graphics card is looks like its blocking my pci-e slot im looking to buying the vive wireless adapter and you need a pci e slot free and i was wondering if anybody has any ideas
  4. V

    Solved! can i use sata to pci-e converter to connect external graphics card for my laptop

    can i use sata to pci-e converter to connect external graphics card for my laptop. iam using dell inspiron 14-3467.
  5. S

    GPU through CD sata port

    I got a new Lenovo 130 recently, and noticed that the sata plug for the CD drive is pretty accessible once removed. I'm thinking there's a way to convert that to PCIE to run a low powered GPU but can't find anything to get a base built on. Any suggestions? Some basic research I've as to if this...
  6. X

    Solved! Nvme with no PCI-E slots. What to do?

    My motherboard sucks (i have the asus m32cd) so i only have one PCIe which is used by my 1060. I have a mvne. So right now is there anything i can do with it or is it worthless to me and better used as a kickball? This is for my desktop but mobile didnt give me an option as a topic
  7. open2screens

    Solved! Unknown Empty Slot in my Mother Board

    I have a Toshiba Portégé Z30-A. In the Motherboard (intel core i7 4th gen) i can see an Empty 5+28 pin Connector. i wonder it should be a PCIe express slot for SSDs. so any one of you please let me know what i thinking was correct and please tell me know what kind of PCIe slot is that and can i...
  8. T

    Solved! Is a laptop able to use a graphics card that is hooked up, externally? Even though it has one internally?

    My laptop has a graphics card, and it does not seem enough for the gaming that I am trying to do. I want to hook one up externally(i do know how to do it, PCIe+Power Supply+The card itself) but I was hoping to find out if it will even help. Is it possible for my computer to use both cards? Will...
  9. R

    PCIe Wireless Card Disconnects When Laptop Sleeps?

    For school I purchased an HP Envy x360 with a Ryzen 7 and Vega 10. It works as intended except for one minor but very annoying problem- every time I close the lid and the laptop sleeps for more than a few minutes the wireless adapter becomes disconnected completely in the device manager. Another...
  10. A

    SSD M.2 or NVME for HP 15-p208tx

    My Laptop is HP Pavilion Notebook 15-p208tx i7 5500U 8GB RAM and currently 1TB SATA HDD i am looking for upgrade to SSD of 250GB. Does my laptop supports NVME based or M.2 ? Also i am unaware weather these M.2 go into SATA port or PCIe port. ? Can I upgrade ? Samsung 970 Evo Series -...
  11. Y

    Changed bios back

    After I changed PCI EXPRESS configuration And internal video mode. My lab top now opens black screen blinking cap locks . How do I changed it back. Pleases help
  12. C

    Does my laptop have pci slot?

    Hello can I upgrade my Asus X541NA GQ041t's graphics card using external graphics card does it have pci express or do i need to take it apart and remove the wifi lan if i need to take it apart where can i find the mini pcie slot thanks :)
  13. T

    Solved! Hdmi pass through for pc for consoles

    I was wondering if there is anything i could buy like a pci-e card that would allow me to plug in consoles such as a Nintendo switch to my computer and run it on my computer like an application?
  14. S

    Is a 1TB Samsung 960 EVO M.2 PCI-E NVME SSD compatible to replace the current HDD in my Dell XPS 15 9560 Core i7-7700HQ?

    Hey! So I bought a Dell XPS 15 9560 Core i7-7700HQ 32GB 1TB (full specs here: https://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/dell-xps-15-9560-core-i7-7700hq-32gb-1tb-15.6-inch-windows-10-professional-pk9p6/version.asp) I want to swap out the current 1TB HDD for a 1TB Samsung 960 EVO M.2 PCI-E NVME SSD, for...
  15. F

    creative PCI Express X-Fi Titanium not recognized by windows

    I have recently installed a PCI Express X-Fi Titanium which i salvaged from an older computer that the card came with. As it stands after several reboots and many tries at installing drivers, my computer refuses to recognize that a card is even installed in the computer at all. Is there any way...
  16. C

    Solved! Type of wifi card connection for Egpu

    Hi I was wondering what this connection was called. I know it’s something like pci express or whatever but I’m not sure. My laptop is dell inspiron 15 5555. It’s for an external gpu setup I want to make. This is the URL of the wifi card...
  17. J

    Shared pci-e slot

    Please understand my question is very noobish and yes I have already done the standard google search for my answer with, well....no answer. Now while I think it can't be done, I want to make sure. Question-can a wifi card and a gpu share the same pci-e slot on my pc? I only have the one spot...
  18. P

    eGPU - i7-4710HQ and mPCI-e 2.0

    Hi, I have some questions about egpu. My laptop is lenovo y50-70 with i7-4710HQ and maxwell 860m. I made some cooling upgrade and can run on 3.5 ghz all the time at 100% (on stress test max temp. is 78 C). In past I could run about 3.0 and temp. was 90 C. And the gpu has poor preformance for...
  19. F

    Trying to connect my PC to my Soundbar and get True 5.1

    My PC sound card is an ASUS Xonar DGX PCI-E GX2.5 (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007TMZ1BK/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1). My sound bar is a Vizio 5.1 (https://www.walmart.com/ip/VIZIO-32-5-1-Soundbar-System-SB3251n-E0/817243109). The sound bar takes as possible 5.1 inputs only...
  20. D

    Sata vs pci-e x4 for VR?

    Anyone here have any experience with sata vs pci-e x4 SSD for VR games and apps? Just wondering if there is any noticeable improvement to loading.
  21. U

    Internal Pcie Slots

    Why don't laptop companies put PCI-e expansion slots inside some laptops. That way, the laptop would live longer and be more reliable. I know with Intels new money grab (not saying those processors are bad for the price) that this isn't something companies would do but other than that as a...
  22. W

    Laptop with M.2 PCIe SSD storage

    Dear all* , please could someone suggest a laptop or notebook that has M.2 PCIe SSD storage in price range from 600 $ to 1000 $ ? Best Regards.
  23. A

    Solved! External Graphics card for utlrabook

    Hi, I know you are thinking of all the possible ways to do this when you read the title but this time is different. I have a helix Intel Core i7-3667U. I've read up on trying to run a graphics card via 3.0 but from what I read you don't get the connection speed you need. I was going to try a usb...
  24. A

    Future Proof Laptop

    I am looking a laptop with following requirements, after researching a bit: PCIe SSD or better(is there any better?)(128 GB or more) This feature is a must have RAM: 8GB or more(basically a fast ram, preferrably DDR4 SODIMM) Processor: i7(preferably quad core but dual core is fine)(kaby lake...
  25. N

    M.2 SSD with SATA-III interface connected to M.2 PCIe laptop slot

    I want to buy a Lenovo Y520 notebook and everybody says I have to buy a PCIe M.2 SSD, but I want to buy a SATA-III M.2 SSD because it is cheaper, and I don't need the high speed that PCIe offers. My question: can the M.2 SATA-III SSD be connected to M.2 port if it has a PCIe interface? The...
  26. T

    Elitebook 8570p eGPU?

    Im trying to figure out if my laptop has a PCIe and/or a mPCIe so i could hook up an external gpu so i could player more intensive games but i dont know so im hopeing someone on here will know something. if it helps i have the radeon 7570m variant and not the intel 4000 i think the other is...
  27. J

    Is my M.2 connected over SATA or PCIe???

    Dear Experts I have a Thinkpad W540. It has an M.2 slot. The slot was initially designed for the WAN card but I have seen people use it with SSDs. M.2 slots that are used for WAN (and the Wifi Card) are usually connected via PCIe. However, I'm not sure it is a PCIe nor what kind of PCIe...
  28. D

    PCI Express in MSI GE62 2QE

    Is there any PCI Express Slot in MSI GE62 2QE? I would like to build an external GPU for my laptop.
  29. M

    Converting M2 PCI-e to SATA-III in Asus N551JB

    Hi Guys, I hope someone can help me out. Im getting really annoyed by the troubles i keep having with my ASUS laptop. Recently i updated my RAM to 16gb because Photoshop kept failing. I added the 16gb and did a clean install. Yet still it crashes and i regularly get a pop-up from windows then...
  30. N

    Choice between two 7.1 sound cards with optical out ($50-$150 range)

    I'm looking for a Dolby 7.1 sound card with optical out (optical in would be nice as well, but that's not a requirement). This is for interfacing with an optical-based sound system to be used for both watching movies and gaming. I don't have any plans for doing professional sound...
  31. D

    eGPU through M.2 PCIE

    Hey, I have the MSI GE62 6QF Apache Pro but for all I know it has a USB Type-c but does not support Thunderbolt 3. Also, the laptop has an M.2 PCIE (B & M keys) slot, however all the eGPU docks I have seen do not have a similar connector. Does anyone know a dock with a similar connection? I...
  32. 0

    Looking for i7-6700HQ, DDR4, PCIe NVMe slot laptop

    I'm looking for a 14" - 15.6" (preferrably 14), with 1080p resolution and following specs: i7 6700HQ, DDR4 ram slots, and my main concern is the M.2 PCIe 3.0 x4 slot available. I'm going to use it mostly for programming, the specs I mentioned above might be overspecced, but it doesn't matter...
  33. R

    USB3 ExpressCard Power Issues

    Hi, I purchased a USB3 1TB external hard disk and as my laptop only has UB2 port, I decided to get a USB3 Express Card. All plugs in fine and drive is detected. Problem is that the drive starts beeping when I'm transferring data (yes beeping, not clicking). Based on some research I've done I...
  34. R

    Home Theatre PC - Sound Card

    I am planning to build an Home Theatre PC for playing the Bluray Movies stored on my computer with the DTS and Dolby Audio. Since my motherboard doesn't have the SPDIF output I am planing to buy a dedicated sound card with Optical/SPDIF out port to passthrough all my Dolby and DTS audio to the...
  35. Z

    Mini Pcie slot

    hey i own an elitebook 8440p i was wondering where is the mini pci e slot ...... i cant see upfront any advise would be appreciated :)
  36. T

    External laptop GPU

    Okay so i want to try an external GPU on my laptop the model is GL551JW-WH71(WX). Does anybody know if it is possible with this model? The only PCI express slot i can think of is the wifi card and i dont have an express card slot. can i convert one via usb? If i take out the wifi card and use...
  37. S

    Use motherboard as pci express adaptor??

    Hi I was wonder that can i use a motherboard as pci express slot and connect it over thunderbolt to laptop?? As matter of fact i can't use bplus or other pcie adapters. Thanks
  38. P

    Dell 3007wpf and external PCI express

    I have a 30” dell 3007wpf monitors and i have an asus x75a laptop, i was not getting a higher resolution through my laptop hdmi (laptop resolution 1600 x 1200) for some reason I was getting only 1280 x 800. I bought an external PCI express and put a nvidia nvs 315 to bypass the laptop graphics...
  39. MinecraftKid45

    What would happen if a lower wattage was used than the minimum?

    I have this Mini PCIe to PCIe adapter for my laptop, though, everytime I turn it on, there is just a black screen. Is this the cause of the PSU only being 300w? I am asking because I don't want to go buy a new PSU and that not be the issue. Thanks! The GPU I am referring to is a EVGA GTX 950
  40. C

    Can someone explain what different PCI slots do?

    Hi there, I am a laptop user and have relatively good tech knowledge but I am running into some confusion over inputs/outputs. I am looking into using an external GPU setup for my laptop and am aware of the predicaments and have heard the classic 'just get a new___' , I can't, I'm a student so...
  41. I

    Asus ROG G551VW compatibility with Samsung SM951

    Hello! I just bought the following laptop: https://www.asus.com/ROG-Republic-Of-Gamers/ROG-G551VW/specifications/ I don't have much experience with laptops, and I'm curious if it's compatible with the following SSD: Samsung SM951 - 256gb...
  42. A

    HP Sleekbook 15 eGPU, can it be done?

    Hi all, I've been a ghost on this forum for some time now reading very interesting topics. I figured it was time to join the discussion by starting one of my own. I have HP Sleekbook 15 and am interested in converting it into a desktop. I would like to know if anyone has had any luck using...
  43. A

    is getting the msi ge62 6qc a decent choice?

    hi guys..been trying to make some choices n kinda gone through some corcerns..i would like to get the msi ge62 6qc vrsion : details intel i7 6700 + hm170 windows 10 nvidia gtx 960m 2gb ddr5 1tb hdd 7200rpm ram 8gb ddr4 PCI-E gen3 ssd(1 slot option) n some msi features : cooler boost 3,killer...
  44. A

    PCI-E bus interface speed problem on dual AMD Radeon 6970M cards. Please help me.

    Hello, TH community. I just joined in. First let me post the basic specs of my AW M18X laptop so things will be a bit clear: i7 2630QM @ 2.0GHz 2x Radeon 6970M on CrossFire 16GB 1600 RAM 2x 500GB 7200rpm HDDs, I guess they are WDs. I have an odd problem with the PCI-E speeds on the GPUs, card...
  45. M

    [eGPU]Use Laptop Monitor Instead Of External Monitor

    Hi, Is there a way to use my laptop monitor instead of using external monitor? I heard that i can by using "NVIDIA OPTIMOUS" ? *I'm using mPCI-e on Lenovo Z5070
  46. R

    Lenovo Y500 mPCI-E

    Hello there! So, im thinking about getting a egpu to my Lenovo Y500. I can see there is a free MPCI-E slot in my laptop. Do you think it will work? http://www.banggood.com/Mini-PCI-E-Version-V8_0-EXP-GDC-Beast-Laptop-External-Independent-Video-Card-Dock-p-1011222.html
  47. R

    SAMSUNG 950 PRO M.2 512GB PCI-E 3.0 x4 best choice?

    I have this laptop http:// and Im not sure if the samsung 950 pro would be worth it over an 850 pro because I read something about pcie lanes, I have 16 available but the gpu uses 16, ive read that it can use 8 and not effect performance but im not sure about the rest of the system
  48. B

    External Graphics Compatible with My laptop?

    So i've been looking at this external PCI-Express x16 dock and i was wondering if it would be compatible with my Acer Aspire E5-511? My laptop has a PCI-E Slot like required but i just wanted to know. The dock...
  49. P

    Would this work?

    Situation: Have a laptop with a spare Mini PCIe slot have a Mini PCIe to USB 3.0 adapter. This USB 3.0 slot would carry a USB 3.0 cable to a USB 3.0 to PCIe 16x slot adapter. This adapter would be powered by an external power source. A GPU would be fit into the PCIe 16x slot, powered...
  50. B

    Whats better? New laptop, mini pci-e to pci-e or express to pci-e adapter.

    I have recently bought a hp pavilion 15-p088tx touch grey. would it be possible to use a pci-e adapter? the laptop has a full covered back with only a removable battery, and no express adapter. is it possible that i could use a hdmi port with a pci-e gpu adapter?
  51. M

    installing usb 3.0

    i have an dell inspiron n5030 it has usb 2.0 it does not have pci express slot it does have sdmmc/mspro slot is there any way to install 3.0 physically or with any kind of adapter trying to get better transfer speeds
  52. N

    Alienware 14 Laptop External GPU

    Tl;dr kinda guy? Here's it short: I have an Alienware 14 laptop that has a mini Displayport, mSata/mPCI-e port, and another mPCI-e port for the WiFi card. I do not want to build a desktop, I want to have an external GPU that can be attached to my laptop. Is this possible? Thanks...
  53. K

    PCI-E mini same as MSATA?

    Hello,I want to change the GPU of my laptop.The GPU cannot be changed but I recently found a way to use an external gpu on it.This GPU in order to work requires ExpressCard or PCI-E mini.My laptop doesn't have ExpressCard so the only way to make it work is with PCI-E mini.I heard that many...
  54. C

    An issue with multiple playback devices on Windows PC.

    Went out and got myself an Asus Xonar DSX 7.1 soundcard. With my 7.1 headset plugged into the soundcard everything works great. But there's no playback option for me to switch back to my main speakers in the playback devices menu. Can I only use the PCI soundcard after I've installed it? :??:
  55. J

    Anyone recommend best out of these gaming laptops.

    Hi, I would like if you guys can place these laptops (no need to consider the price) Sager-np8278s -4th Generation Intel® Haswell Core™ i7-4710MQ (2.5GHz - 3.5GHz, 6MB Intel® Smart Cache) -NVIDIA® GeForce™ GTX 970M (6.0GB) GDDR5 PCI-Express DX11 (Maxwell) -16GB DDR3 1600MHz [2x8GB] Dual Channel...
  56. N

    Complete Home Audio Solution assistance

    Hi all and thank you for the oportunity to finally get the kinks out of my setup, with a milltion connections and options to, i am stuck with how this should be setup for absolute sound rather than out of the box basics. Below are my specs relevant to the assistance i need, nothing flash but...
  57. M

    Power supply for External GPU for laptop

    Can I use the pci-e slot used by my wireless card for connecting with a desktop GPU I have done a lot of surfing for this and I found this http://www.banggood.com/EXP-GDC-Laptop-External-PCI-E-Graphics-Card-p-934367.html Is there any special kind of adapter(PSU) for this or I can use desktop...
  58. F

    Lenovo y50 - how many PCI-E slots & External GPU

    Hello, I'd like to ask 2 questions: How many PCI-E slots has Lenovo y50? I don't have this laptop, but I want to buy it, once. And I found that external GPU can be added thruth PCI-E, but most laptops has only 1 and it's used for Wifi. So how many PCI-E slots has Lenovo y50? Also, how can be...
  59. H

    Pci e slot on laptop

    Hello Guys i have a hp pavilion g6 1242se does it have a spare pci slot so i can use a external gpu on my laptop
  60. A

    Msi ge70 2oe external gpu

    Hi,Im wondering if i can use an external gpu with My msi laptop?