Is a laptop able to use a graphics card that is hooked up, externally? Even though it has one internally?

Oct 3, 2018
My laptop has a graphics card, and it does not seem enough for the gaming that I am trying to do. I want to hook one up externally(i do know how to do it, PCIe+Power Supply+The card itself) but I was hoping to find out if it will even help. Is it possible for my computer to use both cards? Will this even increase my computers abilities?


Not all laptop's will support an external GPU with a breakout cable(M.2/msata/mPCIe). If you have a Thunderbolt 3 port, you're going to need to invest in an external GPU dock. To bring the question, full circle, what is the make and model of your laptop that you wish to add the GPU on? Perhaps it's easier than we/you think.

On another note, when you have an external GPU, the onboard(dedicated on iGPU) will be deactivated. It's only with Thunderbolt 3 and certain apps that you can use them in tandem(as deemed necessary).
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