Dell Inspiron 15R(5520 i7) or Inspiron 15R Special Edition(7520 i5)


Aug 31, 2010
Dell Inspiron Special Edition 7520:
Ivy Bridge Core i5-3210M 3.1Ghz, 6GB DDR3/ 1TB 15,6'' HD WLED, DVD-RW, 2230 Wlan + BT 4.0, WiDi support, AMD Radeon HD7730M 2GB, 1.0 HDWcam, 6 cell, Ubuntu 10.10, Aluminum, 7520SE-i5

Dell Inspiron 5520:
Ivy Bridge Core i7-3612QM up to 3.1 6GB DDR3/1TB 15.6''HD WLED, DVD-RW 2230 WLAN (802.11n + BT 4.0), WiDi support, AMD Radeon HD7670M 1GB ,Silver, 5520-i7-sl

Main difference is that 5520 has i7-3612QM(vs i5-3210M) processor,but 7520 has better graphics card AMD Radeon HD7730M 2GB(vs AMD Radeon HD7670M 1GB).. ALSO aluminum materials of 7520

i want basic gaming at any resolution just run it without lagging no matter the resolution or details are also , durability is important and if aluminium case will give longer age it will be better but if it is just gives you a good appereance it is not important