Question DELL INSPIRON 15R 5537 does not show wi-fi, does not connect

Jul 10, 2019
Hello! Since this morning, my DELL Inspiron 15R 5537 does not show any wi-fi networks available, does not show any wi-fi drivers installer at the device manager, only allows me to connect via ethernet, and it's not in airplane mode. See the pictures for details
I've already tried to install chipset drivers reccomended for my PC and the installer said they were installed, but they do not appear at the device manager. the device manager does not show any wi-fi drivers installed on my PC.
When I try to install wi-fi drivers from the dell website, it gives me an error message saying that my hardware id is not found on the driver inf., but it's the recommended drivers for the intel inspiron 15R

any help is appreciated
Sounds like your WiFi has gone and died on you. You then have three choices.

  1. Keep running via Ethernet.
  2. Replace the internal components. Either yourself or take to a local tech.
  3. Get an external WiFi that connects via a USB port.
NOTE: If the laptop is under warranty, then I would contact the manufacturer as they should replace the part.
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