Dell Inspiron 17R N7110


Feb 4, 2016
Good Day,
I am trying to help my father-in-law fix his laptop. It is a Dell Inspiron 17R N7110 Laptop. So as soon as you turn it on it does not boot into windows, shows a DOS like screen that says: Operation system not found. you can barely make out the text, as the LCD panel is mostly white with colored lines across it. I have tried reseating cables and no luck. I also tried hooking up to VGA monitor an nothing, not sure if it sends a signal to the monitor at that point. I am assuming the LCD panel is hooped, not sure why there is no OS, haven't tried looking into the hard drive cables yet, trying to tackle one thing at a time. thanks in advance!

It seems like that the Operating System is not being detected by your laptop. If it was working just fine earlier try to check BIOS first if your HDD is being detected or not. If it's listed normally and still will not boot into Windows you need to reinstall Windows itself to fix the issue. If you have a Dell System recovery disc you'll need to run that in your laptop to reinstall Windows but if you don't have one you'll need to order one from Dell to reinstall Windows.

Here's the complete guide on how to reinstall Windows: