Dell Inspiron Clicking Noise followed by Freezing


Oct 17, 2014
It's a slightly longer post , bear with me. I really need some help on the issue.

Laptop : Dell Inspiron 7520 bought in August,2012 from Chandigarh, India

Issue : After just a year since having bought the laptop, i started experiencing random freezes in my Laptop. It started happening whenever i left the laptop idle for more than 15-20 mins. I would hear a clicking noise from the rear left side of the laptop(close to the earphones jack). Whenever it would start clicking, the mouse would still function but the laptop froze i.e. i wouldn't be able to open a new window or play the next song. After a few seconds of this clicking noise, the Blue Screen popped up with a message saying "System has been shut down to prevent damage." And on the bottom part of the Blue Screen was another message saying "Dumping Memory " followed by a number. This was most unusual and something i had never experienced on any laptop before i.e. the clicking noise followed by BSOD.

This issue started repeating itself more and more frequently where now, it's come to the point that whenever i run even a little resource-consuming application ,the clicking noise starts and the laptop freezes.

Observations :

1. This mostly happens whenever i run a game(not necessarily processor-heavy)

2. Upon noticing the system temps. via SpeedFan, CPU Temp - 85 C , GPU Temp - 70 C, HDD Temp - 60 C which aren't really that high imo.

3. Upon running HDD health test with HD Tune Pro , Chkdsk and Dell Diagnostics, no error was found. The HDD was found to be completely healthy.

4. Once when the system restarted after the BSOD, it didn't boot up saying " No Bootable Devices Found" . I again restarted the system but now it was able to boot up implying that it's most likely an HDD problem.

I have already updated all the drivers and BIOS.I don't want to lose my HDD data. If you have,then thanks for taking the time to read . I would appreciate any help. I,earlier, posted in the Dell Official Forums but noone could be bothered to reply there,unfortunately.


Oct 7, 2008
you can run a program called CrystalDiskInfo. It will tell you some status of the HDD also. It doesn't fix anything but will give you status. That type of clicking in a laptop is more than likely the HDD unless it is a click like a fan getting stuck but by your description.... I would agree you have a HDD issue.


Oct 17, 2014
So, i installed CrystalDiskInfo and it says that my HDD's health is "Good" .
I should also mention that the following is my HDD's partition scheme -
1. Drive C (28 GB free of 275 GB)
2. Drive D (349 GB free of 642 GB)
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