Question Dell Inspiron N5030 Very Very Extremely Slow Issue how do i solve ?


Aug 29, 2012
I have a Dell N5030 Windows 7 64Bit 4Gb Ram I was Running into a lot of restart / repair issues so i Factory reset it.
The Installation took over 4 hours. It took over an hour to boot to the login screen. On a Virtual CD to recover Files
took forever and transferring at 80-200 kb per second so just a simple 100Mb file took ages.
The HDD indicator seams to display movement every so often as does the transfer rate.
It is not overheating in anyway. It has just taken me 40 minutes to tick the 2 boxes to accept Dell terms and now i suspect another 40 minutes for the next page.

Please help..
It can happen. Depends on what was on the laptop before you started it all, the drives health, the device you are getting the installation files from, your computer's specs, etc. There is no way to make it faster. Once you have started you just have to wait until it is done, or start completely over, which, if you were trying to keep any files on the computer, then you may well lose them.