Dell N5110 crashing/freezing?


Jan 17, 2013

As of last week my laptop (Dell N5110) has been randomly freezing/crashing (more freezing than crashing). When this happens there are these like green or purple colored lines that appear on the screen, and recently I noticed that if I push on this vent on the bottom of the laptop while it is frozen then it causes the green lines to appear even more. For anyone unfamiliar with this laptop, the ram is underneath this vent, and I was thinking it might be a problem with that. Also, I have noticed it freezing when I re-adjust myself if I am using it my bed, although it doesn't happen every time I move, I thought it was strange that I was noticing that happening.

I am 99% sure that it is a hardware problem because I have run virus scans, did a system restore, reset my BIOS etc.

It has gone to blue screen a few times as well, not sure what that means.

One thing I haven't tried yet is hooking up the display to a TV to see if it is just the laptop's display that is freezing rather than the whole computer.