Dell XPS 15" turned off randomly and will no longer turn on


Sep 24, 2014
I have an XPS L502X from a couple years ago that I recently tried to bring back to life.

Earlier this year, I spilled directly onto the keyboard. I immediately unplugged it, took the battery and CMOS battery out and left it upside down overnight so that hopefully nothing would get into the computer. Unfortunately, after reassembling everything i found that it wouldn't turn on. It would make it to the Dell screen, beep (unfortunately I don't remember how many times) and shut down. I think I decided it must have a motherboard problem and set it aside until recently.

Now, I was thinking maybe I could salvage some components to have a home server. Just for the hell of it, I decided to plug it in to see what would happen. Much to my surprise, it turned back on! So I went ahead and reimaged it and had it working correctly for a few days. Today, I was installing some drivers and it suddenly turned off. Once again, it is turning off at the Dell screen, but now it doesn't beep.

While I had it running, I ran diagnostics through my start up options and it reported all of the hardware was working correctly. I would have to assume that it's some kind of hardware issue, but was wondering if anyone has any advice. At first I thought maybe it was overheating, but even after cooling down it still isn't working.

Since it isn't my primary computer, I am willing to try anything. Now it's back on my mind like maybe I can fix it...

Any ideas of something I could try? If not, would it be worth salvaging any of the components to put into a barebones kit or something? Thanks in advance.

TLDR: I spilled on my laptop a while back and recently tried to turn it back on. It worked, for a while, but randomly turned off and will not turn back on. Any Ideas?


- Sandybridge i7
- Nvidia GT540m
- 6gb ddr3 memory
- Seagate 7200rpm 750GB HDD



Sep 30, 2014
well it is obviously something with the components and since it get to the screen I am thinking it is the motherboard. Can you tell me what components were directly under the keyboard?


Jul 19, 2009
Does it still have any sort of warranty? If so your best would be to send it to Dell to get repaired (they'd probably replace the motherboard.

One thing you can try even though it's a bit of a long-shot is to take the battery out (not CMOS), unplug the AC adapter, press the power button 10 times and on the 11th time hold it down for 30 seconds... let go after 30 seconds, plug the AC adapter in to the laptop and to an electrical wall outlet (don't plug battery back in yet), and then try powering it on