Dell XPS 9343 touchpad performace randomly degrades


Jan 28, 2016
I have a Dell XPS 13 9343 laptop running Windows 10. I have had this laptop since early July, and I first noticed this issue in mid July.

I use the trackpad on my laptop a lot. When it works, the touchpad is fully functional and I am satisfied with the product. However, every once in a while the touchpad will randomly have a bunch of performance issues, including the following symptoms:

- two finger motions stop working (two finger scrolling, two finger tap right click, etc.)

- cursor vibration (jittering)

- unable to deselect something (left click remains activated even after finger leaves the pad)

- left click randomly activating while sliding finger along trackpad (no tapping motion)

In extreme cases, the cursor will completely disappear and all touchpad functionality disappears. At this point I have to use the win key to open the start menu and reboot my computer by navigating with the keyboard.

These issues are all resolved by restarting the computer, however they eventually show up again at random times. I haven't been able to associate the performance degradation with any hardware prompt (certain things plugged in, etc) but I do feel that the issue happens more often while the laptop is unplugged.

Also I found that all of the issues are temporarily alleviated by pressing firmly down on top right corner of the touchpad, however they usually return within 10 seconds. I have also tried deactivating/activating the touchpad and the interface device service to no avail.

Does anyone know what the issue could be? This issue is incredibly annoying since it causes me to close all of my work to restart the computer to be able to gain cursor functionality and if any fix is around I would be truly grateful.
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