Question Dell XPS 9530 won't charge but works fine on battery, motherboard issue?

Mar 13, 2019
Hi there,

My Dell XPS 9530 won't charge the battery. I've replaced the battery and charging port but still no change. The laptop will power up perfectly when I insert a battery with some juice in it. The battery just won't charge.
The Bios detects the 130W power supply however the Dell diagnostics indicate: 'Charger is not detected, please attach the charger now'.

I tried to losen the charging port screw but this won't help the problem either. When I insert the power supply, one white light of the battery turns on.
When in use, the battery power is used. The laptop won't work when the battery is removed and is only connected to the power cord.

My final call would be changing the motherboard, but I figured to check here first if there is anything I could have missed.

Thanks in advance for any help!
Have you considered changing chargers? Everything you mentioned makes it sounds like the charger itself may well be your problem.

Just be sure you get the correct charger for your laptop. So many people try and use ones from other devices or aftermarket ones and that really isn't wise. It isn't worth saving a little money and using a cheap or wrong part only to have it kill your laptop.
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