Demonic Error Circle Of Java.....

manhatti Zee

Dec 14, 2013
Hi Guys,
the Title is totally true.
It all starts at a site called systemrequirementslab.
Somehow the detection app they let us download does not work, cause it says corrupt/not valid Win32 application.
So i try to use java option, but they say i need to update it.

1) I want to update my java, so i try to update it with an online/offline installar.

2) java installer does everything perfectly, but at time of installation, a dialogue box appears on screen, saying installation error.

3) I try every way to uninstall older version, but i fail to find directory path. I also can't see it on add/remove programs. No Java, No Oracle, nothing.

4) I ty to use a tool of oracle which uninstalls the older versions in your pc. I try to download it, and Voila! the page says i need to update java to display the contains of page!!

Please please please please give me an solution to get my pc baptised, get rid of this error and regain my sanity.