Question Desktop audio picking up on mic

Nov 15, 2021
im really desperate here been searching for a solution for like 20hours over at this point.

essentially my laptop audio is picking up on my mic. I've tried a bunch of different things to try and fix it but none of them have worked. this issue only happens with my headphone's mic. the laptop mic does not have the same issue. I'm not using any fancy headphones. just the typical ones you would get with a Samsung phone. I'm not gonna pretend I'm a tech genius cause I'm not but I have an above-average knowledge on computers. its not even like its echoing from head headphones its just straight up playing the same audio as my laptop. I've asked Microsoft, reddit, discord, other forms and I'm really at my wits end here.

Laptop is basically brand new (IdeaPad L340 -15IRH) got it not even 2 weeks ago.
I'm pretty sure it started happening roughly a few days after igot the laptop.
i have tried multiple headphones.


Mar 10, 2016
With the microphone plugged in, press the Windows key + S. Type in Control Panel and hit Enter. In Control Panel, search for Sound. Open it. Click on Recording. Right-click the correct microphone and click Properties. Open the Levels tab. Lower the Microphone Boost to 0.
Open the Listen tab. Make sure the box next to "Listen to this device" is not checked. Click OK. Hopefully your issue is fixed.

If not, try updating your microphone drivers and if that still doesn't work then uninstall and reinstall your microphone drivers (Open Device Manager, Audio inputs and outputs, and right-click Microphone (The correct one).

Edit: I am assuming that you are running Windows 10.
Nov 15, 2021
Sorry I took so long to respond. I had honestly given up on this thread since the first guy so I'm just seeing it.

yes running the newest version of windows 10 but after trying what you said the issue still persists.
i would also like to note that having the headphones plugged in didn't change the microphone. it still says "Microphone Array" regardless if whats plugged in. it seems to auto swap between my headphone and laptop mic when I plug in my headphones. no other option for headphones just that and stereo mix which is disabled
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