Develop a way to turn on bluetooth speaker remotely using low power bluetooth module.


Feb 4, 2017
I got a JBL Flip 3 speaker. Currently, we cannot power on the device remotely. I have to get up from my couch and do it manually. Is there a way I can build that feature and add it to my speaker. Like get a low power bluetooth module and somehow connect it to my speaker (via 3.5 mm jack) and program it to turn on the speaker whenever other devices try to connect to it.

P.S. I realize it may mean opening and messing up my speaker's internal circuitry and I am open to options.
I suspect that you won't be able to bypass the standby feature since it is mandated in the EU and other countries.
Using an external BT receiver in the aux input probably won't bypass this since once you stop using it it will eventually go off.
If you apply a small ac voltage maybe at 10khz to the aux input it may keep the speaker on but you might have to switch it to the aux input. If you have to do that manually then it doesn't gain you anything.


May 4, 2008
I have the same speaker and this works for me:

Turn on the speaker and always keep the speaker connected via USB power (plug it in to a 500ma/1A usb charger or something like that). Be aware though that theoretically keeping this speaker plugged in 24/7 may reduce its life.


Jan 15, 2018

Best way to do this is actually by networking your home power grid connecting it mobily using Wi-Fi instead of Bluetooth. There's apps pre-designed once it's all connected and most top companies selling kits already have special apps to download from their sites. Or you can be like myself and many others and create your system yourself but only if you are knowledgeable about Electricity along with Radio Frequencies and Electronics.

Once installed then it's like living in the movies like IronMan for example because instead of tapping buttons using Bluetooth you instead can use your voice. Ever wanted to walk into a room and just say "Let There Be Light" and then there was Light?

You'll also be able to turn on/off your lights and anything else in your home even open/close your garage door or lock/unlock any door all from your phone. If you're really into digitalizing everything like I am then you can even program your own PCB adding it to lets say a Coffee Machine commanding it to grind and brew your fresh coffee using your voice while driving still 5 miles away. The possibilities are endless with these setups. Setting it up is a pain in the ass but once you're done with the main initial setup you'll wonder why you didn't do it years ago because its worth more than any house its in but costs pennies doing it yourself.
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