Do I need a new screen for my Laptop?


Dec 23, 2012
I have a Toshiba Satellite C675 Laptop. Everything on the screen has a strange vertical shadow or ghost.. For example, if I open a window partially minimized, it displays a ghost or shadow extending above and below the window. If I move the window, the ghost follows it..
I have made a screencast that can be viewed here:
This seems like the screen is actually getting a bad signal, so I removed the bezel and checked the connections, but the ghost is still there, no change.. I connected an external monitor to see if its the video card.. However the external monitor looks clean. No ghosts or shadows.. So I think it has to be the screen or some problem with the cable between the video board and the screen. Has anyone else seen a problem like this? What do you think is causing it? I dont want to buy a new screen just to have the same problem.


Sep 27, 2012
That... in an interesting effect. And one I haven't seen before...

It sounds like it's probably an issue with the inverter, but I really have no clue, and not much way of telling without being able to test each part.