Do videos/blu-rays take advantage of a 144Hz monitor?


Jun 17, 2012
I recently got a 144Hz monitor for my new PC. I've set it to run at 144Hz through Windows desktop (as well as through my games), and it works great. I can see a clear difference between 60 and 144Hz.

However, do videos and movies take advantage of the 144Hz? I've streamed a couple HD movies off Amazon video in the past couple days, and they don't look like they're taking advantage of my monitor's refresh rate at all. I even put in The Dark Knight Rises, which is the most recent and high quality blu-ray movie I own, and I couldn't tell any difference (although I only had it in for less than a minute, so maybe I didn't have enough time to see anything major).

Anyways, my question is ultimately this: will videos, streamed HD movies, and blu-ray discs take advantage of a refresh rate higher than 60Hz on a PC? If so, is there anything I need to do on my end to make sure they do?

If it matters, this is my Blu-Ray drive:

This is my monitor:

And I'm using display port to connect to my GPU.


Jun 17, 2012

Thanks for the reply.

What sort of media (other than video games) takes advantage of higher refresh rates then? I've seen TVs with high refresh rates being advertised, so I figured blu-rays would. Does HD television take advantage of it? Or is it just a big load of BS from companies trying to sell their product? Lol.


. Or is it just a big load of BS from companies trying to sell their product
Pretty much exactly that mate.
You'll never find a TV that has a native refresh rate of more than 60htz (apart from a couple of 4k sets that are $10000+)
Any 100/120/240htz marketing blurb on TV's is exactly that .
Just a fancy frame doubling processing option that smoothed video & IMO makes it look totally unnatural.
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