Do you charge your iphone in your car?


Jun 10, 2008
How has the battery held up?

I have an ipod touch (4) and I am thinking about getting one of those car radios that have the integrated ipod conection and controls. But since it will constantly be charging the ipod i am wondering how that might effect the battery in the long run. There is so much conflicting information on the topic of whether car chargers are safe for ipods I figured id see what kind of experience others have had.


Sep 2, 2010
The phone takes only 30 to 60 minutes to charge, while a short drive may be enough to bring your phone from nearly dead back to almost full battery strength. The easiest approach is if your car already has an iPod or iPhone kit. A dock connector is built in. This allows you to play music through your car's stereo, also serves to charge your battery in most cases.
Another option is to buy an inexpensive inverter power adapter that plugs into your cigarette lighter. They usually have either a standard household electricity plug that you can use with your iPhone's power adapter, or they may even have a USB port that can charge your iPhone.
Various companies make a dedicated iPhone charger that connects to the cigarette lighter which works great but it is less useful .As it can only be used for the iPhone and not any other electronics that you might need to recharge on the road. Other people opt for a solar charger that can recharge your battery based on the power of the sun. These tend to be expensive and charge your battery very slowly. They do work, but they are less practical than simply taking advantage of the electricity that is already present in your car for charging your phone.