Double level encryption problems


Mar 27, 2016
I have successfully been using 2 Ext hard drives 'WD my passport' with encryption and also on a different non encrypted drive been using truecrypt successfully to create an encrypted file volume.
However, I have just tried to create a 2 level encryption by using veracrypt to create a file container on the already encrypted WD drive but although it successfully created and copied data, when I now try to save a file created in word on to that veracrypt container Word then hangs and even task manager isn't able to close the programs connected with that container drive eg Windows explorer and veracrypt itself.
Can anyone advise me whether this 2 level is allowed please?

If not, I will have to either buy additional hard drives for the 2nd level of encryption or not use the WD encryption but create 2 containers with different passwords on the same drive (which negates the plausible deniability aspect of the veracrypt method).