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    Question Working brand new hdd will not let me install clean windows 10

    Namaste and hello all my techies. I am having a problem and I need y'alls help in solving it. So I am doing some upgrading for my aunt on her Toshiba Satellite C675-S7200. I installed and tested new 2x4gb ram. Works great and fine. But when I try to use the western digital black 2.5 6gbs( 1tb...
  2. M

    Solved! upgrade hard on laptop hp nb 14-bw053au

    Can I upgrade my hard disk on my laptop?   hp nb 14- bw053au 500gb 54000RPM TO 5TB wd black 7200RPM
  3. P

    Solved! Can i use deep freeze on a SSD?

    Can i use the program deep freeze on a ssd green WD? Wich version recommend?
  4. W

    Mitsubishi DLP stuck on Welcome Screen Repair Advice

    My WD-82737 is hanging on the blue welcome screen. I did the firmware update and it worked for 2 weeks. I did firmware update a couple more times and got it to boot but the color was blotchy then it went back to hanging on startup screen. I have heard this indicates a bad power board and or main...
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    Getting new sound bar to work with old tv

    I just purchased an older Mitsubishi 73 inch tv model number wd-73642 - I have a newer Klipshe sound bar -Klipsch R-10B Bluetooth Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer (Satin Black) - I purchased this as well to convert -...
  6. B

    Solved! Wd -73838 green flashing light but comes on for a second

    I have a wd-73838 it comes on for like 3 seconds pops and goes off and starts flashing green
  7. J

    Solved! Can't detect m.2

    Recently I bought a WD Green Sata SSD M.2 2280 120gb for my Dell Inspiron 15 7559. It can't be detected in my BIOS and I can't initialize it from the disk manager How can I fix this?
  8. S

    No picture or sound when turn tv on

    92” Mitsubishi tv model WD 92A12 when I turn on I have a green stays light stays on quite a while but no picture or sound then status light turns red and stays red until I hold the power button for a few seconds then status light turns to a fast blinking green light until it eventually shuts off
  9. Y

    Hard drive replacement and windows

    So I just bought a 1 terabyte hard drive blue WD for my Acer V3 but I don't have the discs for windows, my computer didn't come with them and I never backed up to Drive. will my computer automatically download those when I put the new hard drive in or is there something else I'm going to need to...
  10. M

    Is this SSD plug-and-play?

    Hello, I want to upgrade my laptop from an hdd wd blue 5400rpm to a Crucial MX500 256gb for basic word and some other applications thats it. I wanted to make sure that once I get it I will only plug it and start it with no issues. So is it all good? Here are the pics...
  11. R

    73 inch DLP shuts off by itself

    I have a 73 inch Mitsubishi WD-73C9. Replaced the lamp but I have no audio and the tv shuts down after 10 minutes. I’ve cleaned the fans and cabinet. What causes this? My front Led lights are not blinking a code or anything. I can turn it back on immediately and it will stay on for another 10...
  12. B

    How to connect a Mitsubishi WD-60638 to a Sony MHC-GX450

    I have a Mitsubishi TV trying to hook it up to a Sony MINI HI-FI COMPONENT SYSTEM
  13. C

    Lap Top WD 500 GB HD is clicking

    My HD is clicking and is not being read, I have very important files and pictures that I am not able to recover. Is it any fix such as Replacing the Board if is the issue, or save the data that is inside the drive? Sincerely, Nick
  14. G

    External hard drive install in laptop

    Hey I just got a dell g7 but it has no internal HDD. So i was wondering if i can install my external WD elements in the laptop?
  15. K

    please help me solve this

    I have a WD passport drive and I have my movies stored on it but when my friend borrowed it to copy some movies on her acer w10 but when we removed it and i tried it on other devices and the WD unlocker is the only one that appears and when i Checked the properties it onky has 6 mb when my WD...
  16. H

    Mitsubishi WD-60735 Software Update

    The website [url=https://www.mitsubishi-tv.com/support/documents/WD-60735] once had downloadable .zip and .pdf files that included a software firmware update and Service Manuals for this model, but no more. I did manage to get a .pdf Service Manual, but I need the latest software for a firmware...
  17. J

    Need help with WD Elements Hard drive

    I have a WD Elements hard drive & it was working fine on all tvs, my Panasonic tv & LG. Just comes up with no storage unit. Was working fine 2mins Ago & now nothing .
  18. M

    Backup software help

    Im searching for a program that i can use to backup/sync my WD external drive to my other WD external drive... normally i do it manually, copying files and stuff... so if i rename a folder on my first drive and then need to back it up to my second i have to manually go thru and the...
  19. artistjane

    WD Passport not recognized by Sony Blu-ray BDP-S580

    I have a Sony Blu-ray Player BDP-S580 that works great, plays disks, streams Netflix, plays movies on USB flash drives. Bought a 1TB WD My Passport, wiped it, formatted it to FAT32 GPT, put some MP4s on it. Plugged it into the player's USB drive, get error message "USB device (front) unknown...
  20. lckeed

    Nvidia Shield - Not a single email app ??

    Hey Guys, I recently bought an Nvidia Shield to replace my WD-TV live. So far so good, love the box but I'm quiter puzzled by the fact that I can't seem to find a single app to help me check and monitor my emails on the thing? Is it me or there's no app designed for the Shield ? I see existing...
  21. R

    Help me please!

    Is it possible to connect my WD TV Live Hub (HDMI output) to my Acer Projector (USB input)?
  22. C

    LG C7 Oled not playing WD Passport Hard Drive

    My current Samsung TV plays my WD Passport Hard Drive with no issues at all. It's formatted at ntfs. I recently went looking at a new TV and was tempted by an LG C7 OLED as I've been told they're a lot better than the qled. The first store I went in my Hard Drive worked, the salesman then...
  23. B

    Help -- Need to replace failed HDD in a Asus ROG G751JT

    Greetings Everyone! I am new to the forums and would greatly appreciate an experienced voice to help me out with this issue. I own a Asus ROG G751JT which includes a 1TB HDD. The HDD died and needs to be replaced. My question is: What HDD dimensions will fit inside the laptop? For...
  24. J


    Hi everyone, PROBLEM: - I am trying to transfer my files from my external hard drive (WD, my passport, Ultra) to my laptop. - The transfer takes forever. - I can transfer some files, but only a folder or a file at a time but then with some files/folders the transfer stops and it goes suddenly...
  25. P

    Solved! I have that same issue also the picture cuts in and out...I'm thinking thr

    You turn on my WD-73840...it comes on and then there's a pop and the set shuts off, it will come on after a few start up tries...also the picture cuts in and out...thank you for your support "its so expensive to have someone come out for a ?simple? fix...like a dirty fan?
  26. B

    Solved! my mitsubushi model wd-73735 picture is geting dark help please i think it is a 73 inch

    asking for help my model wd-73735 mitsubushi 73 inch is getting darker
  27. S

    Hard Drive is slow

    My current hard drive is a WD Green 5400 rpm. Its very slow. My pc specs are i5-4440, gtx 970 and 16gb ram. Even though having such a powerful setup my pc doesn't perform as expected and I think the hard drive is causing the problem. Apps load very slow. Games sometimes dont open at all. Should...
  28. M

    Need new lamp

    Need to purchase a new lamp for my Mitsubishi 73" Model WD-73C10... Seen on ebay for $25, shop Jimmy for $100.....any suggestions. Weary of eBay although part had good reviews
  29. M

    Samsung Smart TV will not read WD Essentials

    My Samsung TV will read MP4 files on my WD Passport 1TB but not from WD Essential 4TB. In fact, the TV does not even pick up the presence of the WD Essnetials. I have tried changing from NTFS to ExFAT and from GPT to MBR to no avail. Any suggestions will be gratefully received!
  30. L

    TV doesn't recognize half of the movies

    Hi, my TV Infinity suddenly stopped recognizing more than half of the movies at my external USB WD drive. However, when I attach the same drive to my PC all the movies are shown and playable just fine. I thought the problem was in the format, but the movies that TV shows are both in avi and mkv...
  31. M

    Mitsubishi White Spots

    Just wanted to thank Toms Guide and this forum. Had the white spots appear on my 73 Model WD-73C10" this past Friday. Found this forum, called Mitsubishi on Tuesday, and today Friday tv has been repaired. Mitsubishi forwarded part to tv repair shop, service showed up when part was received. As...
  32. M

    Connect external hard drive to TV

    i have an old LG 20" 720p LCD HDTV 20LS7D and i want to connect my 1TB WD My Passport Ultra to it to watch movies. I tried a WDTV Gen 1 but it wouldn't connect to my hard drive. I dunno if it was an issue with the WDTV or user error but i've since returned it. I don't want it to have internet...
  33. A

    I need help with the wiring

    I just replaced the DLP chip in my 65" Mitsubishi WD-65C9 tv. I had taken pictures so I would remember where all the wires went, but my camera ate them. I can not find any diagrams or videos online that have helped. (everybody's hands are in the way.) I am hoping that someone out there will...
  34. M

    Burning plastic smell.again...

    So i took my pc to repair shop and they could not smell anything. but at home when im playing Rust ,smell is so strong ,i get dizzy after a while. I3 3220 RX 460 Evga 500b 500gb WD blue 6gb Ram
  35. M

    How to fix my 65" mitsubishi rear projection tv

    My mitsubishi 65" tv. Model number WD-65831 has no picture or sound i have reset it it flashes green the goes to orange lamp led. What is wrong?
  36. S

    Mitsubishi TV Model WD-73733 White Dots

    Does anyone have information about this model and its issue with multiplying white dots? I spoke with a CSR who told me that they replaced the malfunctioning part, but that their "obligation in the state of California" expired 4 years ago, which I'm sure she's been isntructed to respond with...
  37. E

    Incremental backup replacing modified file from the complete one

    Hi everyone, I've been using cobian backup for sometime now for my backup needs and i've been using 1 complete backup once a week and incremental backup everyday, the thing is that my files have grown a lot so I fear that the complete backup (in a 4 tb wd black) shorten the lifespan of the disk...
  38. F

    WD-82837 Mitsubishi television

    Well, I only wish Mitsubishi customer service would have agreed to all you indicated above. Instead, they said that I am outside the 7 year warranty. They argue because of that, they will not cover it. Of course I can argue, get mad, yell, cajole, you name it but I get I would rather not...
  39. P

    how to connect external storage to cloudbook 14

    i have an aspire one cloudbook 14 and want to add storage with wd easystore. how?
  40. S

    TCL tv won't recognize external hard drive

    I just bought a WD 4TB my book and hooked it up to my TCL LE48FHDF3300Z tv but it says there is no media. I formatted to NTFS and it didn't work. I then formatted to exFAT and still didn't work. Any advice?
  41. M

    wd externel hard disk not detected in Acer aspire 5920G

    My laptop Acer Aspire 5920G cannot detect my Western Digital external hard disk 1TD. What should I do?
  42. steffeeh

    How safe is a NAS server against threats like WannaCry?

    Like the title says, let's say I get a Synology NAS housing (or other) and add in a WD Red, no RAID config, and one use case scenario is that we only use this in our household, while the other is so the rest of our family living on their own also can access the NAS from outside the local network...
  43. D

    I imported a Music CD into my WD Passport (automatically saved as WMA) but when plugged into my USB port on the Samsung TV, sh

    Do not know how to import CD library to WD passport to be able to plug and play in a TV. Woud love some help please!
  44. R

    Can I turn my speakers on my Mitsubishi wd-60737 on

    My Mitsubishi keeps telling me the speakers are off an I can't turn them on
  45. P

    Compatible DLP chip question?

    I just found a 65 inch DLP Tv on craigslist for 50 bucks but it has the white dot of death problem. Fortunately I've dealt with this before and know how to fix it. I was looking up the chip I need for the model and I think its compatible with another Mitsubishi 75 inch I have just sitting...
  46. J

    Im playing movie from hdmi using WD device, i want to use my LG surround as output audio. Please help.

    Input from wd device connected to tv
  47. D

    Installed new 1TB Drive w/Windows 10 64 Bit works fine, Old Win 10 32 Bit won't boot

    My old stock WD Scorpio 200 MB drive in a Dell Latitude E6410 w windows 10 32bit was fine but to small. I Installed a 1 TB Drive with windows 10 64, works fine. The old drive will not boot. I need to get some files off the old one.
  48. K

    external hard drive media player that can read 4TB drive and upscale 720 SD files to 1080 HD

    I have a WD Passport Ultra 4TB drive that I have a lot of old TV shows I've copied from my DVDs. In order to play files from that large of a drive, I had to buy a refurbished WD TV media player, which works well, but I still have one complaint. I used to be able to upscale old 720p SD files to...
  49. T

    I started using my wd my passport 2 tb on my Samsung smart tv. All of the sudden certain folders won't play but others will.

    I have tried to factory reset my tv but had no success it still won't play certain folders. For example one folder could have an avi. File and it won't work but another will also have the same file and it will. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  50. A

    hdd works but wont boot

    I pulled my 500gb wd blue hdd out of a 1y/o pc with win10 because i think the mobo fried. I put it in both a loptop and desktop of mine and it refuses to boot for both, but if I hook it up to an already running win10 pc it can read and right just fine. i want to use the pre installed win10 on...
  51. R

    Help with intalation of my old hd to my toshiba laptop

    I have my old used hardrive that's a western digital scorpio 320gb hard drive that I took from my old acer laptop and I want to use this hard drive in my toshiba satelliteL505-ES5018 model laptop instead of the one that came with it. The only thing is that I am kinda stupid when it comes to the...
  52. P

    Computer not detecting Hard Drive after being in use for a while

    My problem is that after a little while of using my computer one of my hard drive's don't show up on the folders and I don't know why its doing that because the hard drive worked perfectly before, and i cant access it. BTW it's a Western Digital 500 gb hard drive
  53. M

    MacBook Pro 2010 dead harddrive, new harddrive not working?

    Recently a friends MacBook Pro didn't turn on, and the harddrive was clicking. He then asked me to look at it, and I declared the harddrive dead, and my own pc wouldn't recognize it either. I then bought a 500gb WD Blue drive to replace it, but I'm facing some issues. I started by just...
  54. S

    WD external Hard Disk not detecting in Asus X54C

    I have purchased (2TB) WD Passport-Ultra-Portable-External from amazon.in(http://www.amazon.in/WD-Passport-Ultra-Portable-External/dp/B00Y0R94PQ?ie=UTF8&psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00). My laptop not dtectecting this hard disk(but this hard disk working properly in my friends...
  55. M

    something with the Hard drive

    Despite having my computer built for probably close to 9 months, i have only just realized that my 1TB hard drive (Western Digital Blue WD10EZEX 1TB 7200 RPM 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5-Inch Internal Hard Drive) has never been connected (or dysfunctional). I have been using my 120 gb sandisk...
  56. Y

    Laptop gradually becomes unresponsive – HDD damage?

    Howdy folks! In my laptop I have a Samsung 840 EVO SSD (system) and a WD Blue HDD (WDC WD10JPVX-22JC3T0, data). I did a clean install of Win 10 x64 with the Anniversary update in late September. I previously did not have the update, because the automatic updater refused to find it for some...
  57. S

    HDD not detected on laptop and light just glowing.

    My WD My Passport Ultra external HDD is going through a problem. Whenever I plug it in when my laptop is on, it won’t show up. the HDD keeps spinning but the light doesn't blink just glows. To make it work I have to turn off my laptop, and boot it up with the HDD connected. If I disconnect it...
  58. D

    mitsubishi wd-82737 troubleshooting

    I have a Mitsubishi WD-82737 82 inch TV. The issue is the screen comes on to the main screen then shuts off. the front indicator light is not displaying any types of coded just continuous red flashing. I have replaced the DMD board and the Power board. It worked one time after changing the...
  59. D

    external HDD not detected

    my external WD my passport ultra is not detected in every computer however when i connect it, it installs drivers well and windows notifies me that it is ready to be used but i cannot see it on the list of HDD in my computer.
  60. B

    WD Elements HDD wont load on Specific Lenovo PC's

    I recently bought a WD Element 2TB external HDD, I have an HP and Lenovo T450 Laptop. When i connect to the HP(Windows 10) the drive functions without any issues.... However when i connect to the the Lenovo(Windows 7) it just lights up and doesn't blink, checked Disk Management and the drive...